Burnaby Barracudas

The Burnaby Barracudas brings together over 50 years of legacy within the Lower-Mainland in combination with an array of very talented and skilled coaches. Contained within our legacy is not only a competitive nature, but also that of a team. In order to maintain a team atmosphere, we breed excellence within both the swimmer’s ability in the pool and out of the pool.

Within the past few years, our club has grown in numbers and continues to grow. Reaching out across all of Burnaby and swimming out of two pools, our swim club is capable of finding you not only the perfect coach, but also the perfect location nearest to you. With MacPherson in the South and Kensington in the North, anyone living in the Burnaby/New Westminster and East Vancouver area can easily find a suitable location. Our Water Polo Program runs out of Central Park Pool which is perfect for the sport!


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Development Meet June 8th

Grand Prix Meet June 9th & 10th

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