Our Swim Programs

The Burnaby Barracudas bring together the legacy of highly professional coaches in combination with over 50 years of competitive swimming history. Our program is designed to introduce young swimmers to the sport of swimming and water polo. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that is not only enjoyable for our club members, but also a great atmosphere to create new friendships. Below is a list of what our different programs have to offer:

Jr. Prep (Age 7-12)

With the largest part of our swimmers being within this age range, we find the most diverse swimmers in this category. With over four coaches coaching multiple Jr. Prep groups from two of three pools, kids in put into this group will come to master the free style stroke while also attaining a more complete understanding about the other three strokes. Swimmers within this field will also begin to learn the basics of competitive swimming on race preparation.

Junior (Age 8-11)

The Junior group is designed for those swimmers who are too young to swim with the intermediate group but have an advanced set of skills within the freestyle stroke and at least one other. Swimmers within this group are very competitive in nature and will come to hone in on the specific skills required for competition.

Intermediate (Age 11-13)

This group is designed specifically for those swimmers who are slightly older and are just beginning their swimming careers, or for those who are now learning to focus on competitive swimming. Swimming out of all three of our pools, the intermediate swimmers make up a large portion of our swim club. Swimmers within this group will learn a higher skill level on all four strokes. Competition also plays a large role within the intermediate group, meaning training is geared at race specifics and dry-land activities are introduced.

Senior (Age 14+)

The senior group is the highest level attainable within our club. These swimmers have come to master the freestyle technique and are capable of performing at high levels within other strokes. Within this group, competition skills are advanced to a new level introducing the mentality of swimming. Minor strength training plays a large role within this group where swimmers are taught proper warm-up and warm-down routines as well as ways to improve their flexibility without harming themselves.