Burnaby Barracudas Waterpolo

The Burnaby Barracudas provides the opportunity for the youth of Burnaby to play water polo on both a recreational and competitive basis. With skilled, qualified leadership we will provide an athlete-centred sport with accessible, affordable & equitable programming for all members. A fun, safe & enjoyable environment will be provided for all members with the opportunity for training, competition & related activities

An Overview of Water Polo

Water polo is a game of strength, endurance, strategy, and ability. Each team is made up of 13 players and due to the intense nature of the game, regular substitutions are common. Seven players from each team are in the pool at any one time. Each team has 6 players plus a goalie in the water. Only the goalie may touch the ball with both hands. This is a co-ed sport: you must have a minimum of three boys/girls in the water at all times. While it is physically demanding, water polo is also characterized by the extremely addicting nature of the team environment.

Basic game rules:

  • Play starts with a sprint by both teams to the ball, which is dropped in the pool by the referee
  • The game is played while treading water or swimming with the ball
  • Players can advance the ball by swimming or passing
  • Players may catch or throw the ball with just one hand (only the goalie can touch the ball with two hands)
  • After a goal, play starts in the middle of the pool. Teams can use this time to substitute players
  • When the referee whistles to indicate an infraction or foul, players must pass the ball to a team-mate before shooting on goal
  • Players (except the goalie) do not touch the bottom of the pool when the ball is in play
  • Dunking the ball under water is not allowed
  • A man up or power play situation occurs when there is a kick out or violation of the game rules


U12 Born in 2007 and later

U14 Born in 2006-2005 


U16 Born in 2004-2003

U18 Born in  2002-2001