Burnaby Barracudas Home Swim Meet

The following is a list of jobs our club must do when we host a swim meet at Central Park Pool. Included in this list is also set-up on the Friday (starting at about 3:00 pm) and take-down on the Sunday when the meet is over. All Barracuda parents are expected to bring some deck food on both Saturday and Sunday which is used to feed the volunteers. See below for examples of deck food. Other swim clubs are responsible for timing and place judging and therefore, Barracuda parents are needed to sign up for different jobs, not timing. Please find time to volunteer in one or two of the following areas. If all parents help out, the parents who often put in 8 hours or more each day should get a break to watch their children swim. Also, if all parents help, each of these jobs should only be for about 3 hours.

Clerk of the Course – 2 people. This requires you to call out swimmers prior to their event. Note: If you have small children, they can stay with you under the canopy while you do this job.

3 Marshals – One marshal directs swimmers from the Clerk of the Course to the correct side of the pool to wait for their swim. On each side of the pool is a marshal who checks that the correct swimmers are ready to go out onto the swim blocks just before they race.

2 Runners – Collect each race result from place judges, and race computer then deliver them to the office. Also a good job for seeing races.

Race Computer and Colorado – 3 people needed for running the computer which is in charge of the race results.

The Office – 6 to 8 people get to sit in a shady area. Their job is to confirm the results then put these results into a computer for printing. The office is also where ribbons are prepared.

Deck Food – 5 people - Prepare the food brought in by Barracuda parents and then deliver it to all the volunteers. Deck food people also deliver drinks (coffee, tea, juice, water) to the volunteers. Examples of Deck Food are; fruit, sandwiches, wraps, bagels, muffins, treats, crackers/cheese/salami, pretzels…..etc. (finger food). Your kids can be with you here.

Concession – 8 people during peak breakfast and lunch time. The rest of the time about 3 to 4 people. Cooking and serving food from our concession. If you have ‘food safe’ we need your help cooking. Good location for watching the area where Barracudas set up tents. Peak times at the concession is a good job for parents with young children who don’t want to be away from their kids for too long.

Barracuda Swim Meet - Set up at Central Park Pool Friday Evening

Our club is hosting a swim meet on Saturday and Sunday, June 9 and 10. There is a lot of work to be done at Central Park Pool on Friday, before the event, in order to get the meet started. Our club needs all parents to find time and come out to Central park pool on Friday, June 8th between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm to help set up for our own swim meet. Many parents of older swimmers, who have set up in the past, are leaving swimming and the club needs new parents to learn how to set up for our own meets. Set up will require all of the Barracuda parents to put in 1 to 2 hours.

Likewise, when the meet is over on Sunday, we need parents to help take down all of the equipment and to help put it away. If your child stays for finals we need you to stay and help with take-down. Please don’t assume the parents of higher division kids can take down everything just because their kids swim last. Take down only takes about 1 hour if everyone helps out.

The following is a list of things required to be done on the Friday and un-done on the Sunday.

-1 pop-up canopy and 1 table for Clerk of the Course at the west side (Boundary Rd side) of the pool

-2 canopies and 6 benches on each side of the pool for Marshaling

-Rain and shade cover put on bulkhead (this is a big job for 4 to 5 people)

-Chair stops clamped onto bulkhead

-1 large canopy and 3 tables for Colorado timing at north side (change room side) of bulkhead

-6 pop up canopies for coaches along with tables and chairs for coaches

-Pop-up canopy for place judge and official at south side of bulkhead along with 2 place judge chairs at each side of pool

- canopies and tables for announcer, clothing sales and hampers against brick wall

-Pop-up canopy, 3 tables and fridge for deck food area

-Bulkhead starting blocks to be bolted down

-7 lane ropes put in pool, backstroke flags put up and false start rope set up

-Timing scoreboard constructed and bolted to fence (this requires 4 people along with new person to learn)

-Sound system set up – wires placed for speakers and speakers placed (need new person to learn set up)

-Wiring for Colorado timing system set up and secured (this is a job which requires someone to learn)

-Equipment room set up for computer equipment and crash desk (need new person to learn this area)

-Kitchen awning to be constructed (this is a big job for 4 to 5 people)

-Kitchen area to be set up with cooking equipment fridges and about 12 tables (3 to 4 people)

-Food to be moved from equipment shed to kitchen area

-Electrical power supply to be set up for kitchen

-Other miscellaneous items like setting up chairs, stocking fridges, securing wires, testing sound system, testing timing system etc. etc

Your children thank you

Note: On each morning of races, after warm up, we need 4 – 5 parents to help with putting in the touch pads, testing the score system and setting up chairs on the bulkhead (3 chairs per lane)