Hello Families,

  • Friday June 8th all PM swim practices are cancelled due to our Development Meet @ Central Park.
  • Intermediate and Senior Swimmers and any Water Polo Athletes are encouraged to attend the meet to support their teammates and help with timing duties at the Dev meet. Deck food will be provided for timing volunteers!! It's an easy way to earn your school volunteer hours.
  • Monday June 11th AM swim practices for seniors @ Kensington and MacPherson are cancelled so we can all recover from the Grand Prix weekend. Regular PM swim practice at Central Park is still on.

Parking for Development and Grand Prix Meet

Please note, the City of Burnaby has imposed parking restrictions during our Development Meet and the Grand Prix. No parking on any grass area will be permitted.

There will be two supervised drop-off zones. The VIP drop-off zone will be at the service road at Boundary and 45th Ave. This drop-off zone is for vendors and club canopy drop-off only. Barracudas families may use this entry point to park in the stadium parking lot so we can leave space in the general pool parking for visiting teams. The stadium lot has space for 25 vehicles. The City will not enforce the 3-hour time limit and we have permission to use the designated handicap spots for this weekend's swim meet event.

The second drop-off zone will be for the majority of participants. This zone will be at the main Central Park Pool parking lot which can be accessed directly from Boundary. Both entry gates to this lot will be open.

Street parking on the Vancouver side of Boundary is also available, although some streets may have resident only restrictions. Please pay close attention to the parking signs.

There are additional City of Burnaby parking lots located around Central Park which can also be used. Just drop-off your gear in the drop-off zone and find an available lot. Again, the 3-hour time limit will not be enforced during our swim meet.

Dev Meet and Grand Prix Duties

Please ensure you are on time for your volunteer shifts. The Duties Chart will be posted on the door of the shed for reference. Thanks to all our volunteers.

We are still seeking to fill the following spots. Contact Michelle at meetmanager@burnabybarracudas.com ASAP if you are able to cover:

Marshall: 4-8 pm (1)

Deck Food: 12 pm - end (1)
Concession: 7 am - 12 pm (1)
Runner (Marshall-clerk area): 12 pm - end (1)
Bathroom clean spot checks: All day (1)

Tear Down: end of meet for 2 hours (2)
Bathroom clean spot checks: All day(1)

Thanks to all our volunteers. We could not run these events without your support. Your swimmers thank-you.

Any questions please check with Michelle Quan meetmanager@burnabybarracudas.com.

Development Meet Friday June 8th


Fri Group 1:6&Under + Div.14:00 - 4:30 PM
Fri Group 2:Div 2 & Div 34:30 - 5:00 PM

Lane 1COQ
Lane 3BUR
Lane 4BUR
Lane 5PMA
Lane 6PCM
Lane 7VIK
Lane 8

Grand Prix Sat/ Sun June 9&10


Sat. Group 1:Div.1-3, "O" CAT16:30AM-7:00AM
Sat. Group 2:Div 4-8, "O" CAT27:00AM-7:30AM
Sun. Group 1:Div 4-8, "O" CAT26:30AM-7:00AM
Sun. Group 2:Div.1-3, "O" CAT17:00AM-7:30AM

Lane 1BUR
Lane 2BUR
Lane 3COQ
Lane 4COQ
Lane 6PMA/ PCM
Lane 7BMM
Lane 8BMM

Prepare for soggy weather. Showers are forecasted for all three days of the meet. The designated Cudas tenting area will be directly in front of the concession and by the North West corner of the pool where we normally enter for practices. Bring lots of towels, several swim suits and warm clothes for the swimmers. We will be running a concession over the three days. Programs with heats will be sold for $5 by the announcer's table. There will also be a 50/50 draw - please support our fundraising efforts. It helps keep our fees low.

Baby Cudas

All baby cudas practices for Friday June 8th will be at Central Park 4:45-6pm.

Raffle Tickets Ready for Pick-up

Please see Mary to get your book, she'll be there all weekend.

Club T-shirts & Cudas Store

Cudas store will be open this Sat/ Sun 8:30- 12:30 during our meet. Pick-up your pre-ordered t-shirt & cap. Other team gear such as goggles, hoddies, fins, snorkels & paddles will be available for purchase.

This weekend is the last opportunity to place an order for the Team t-shirt for those who have not yet done so.

Team Aquatics will be at the meet on Saturday selling swim suits and other aquatics equipment including parkas.

Appliance Repair Expert Needed

One of our club freezers has suddenly and inconveniently stopped working!! If there is any member of our club with expertise in this area who can help please contact Angela atabattistn@icloud.com.

Looking forward to a successful event.

The Burnaby Barracudas Executive Team