Volunteer Duties for Swim Regionals @ Central Park Aug. 3,4 & 5th

Our club has been assigned 49 shifts requiring 79 individuals over the 3 day event. Although many of you have already completed your 20 hour requirement we still need as much help as possible to get us through to the end of the season. If your swimmers are participating you must sign-up for shifts even if you don't need hours. There are some really dedicated club members who have generously given their time all season and well beyond the 20 hour minimum, but they can't do it alone. Lets all work together to make it a great championship for everyone.

Additionally we need extra people for concession duties & parking attendants. The concession profits are a great fundraiser for our club so we are counting on our members support. Thanks to the volunteers who have already reached out and have been contacted by Eileen. Your shifts have been confirmed. The remaining unfilled concession shifts are listed in the duties chart.

Email Eileen for Concession shifts atlaueileen@hotmail.com.

Email Michelle for swim meet duties & parking duties atquanmichelle@gmail.com

Submission of Volunteer Records Sheet

This is a friendly reminder that each family is required to complete volunteer hours as part of your club membership:

Volunteer Cheques will be cashed on September 1st for members who have not completed their hours.

Please submit your completed volunteer records sheet to the following members of the executive before next Thursday or emailzahranejad@hotmail.com:

  • Kensington - Michelle Quan or Angela Battiston
  • MacPherson - Fiona Wang or Zahra Nejad
  • Cantral Park - Mary Blazevic or Stacey Milne orm this week or next week

Remaining Volunteer Opportunities

Awards Banquet 28 September 2018
  • 5-8 volunteers needed for set-up & supplies, food & beverage service, clean-up
  • Earn between 3-6 service hours
  • will count towards 2018 volunteer hours if pre-arranged
  • Email Angela atabattistn@icloud.com

Shed Equipment Clean-up - September (date TBA)
  • 4-6 Volunteers needed to clean-up shed and put away equipment for winter
  • 2-3 hours of service hours
  • will count towards 2018 volunteer hours if pre-arranged
  • Email Angela atabattistn@icloud.com

Annual Awards Banquet and AGM - Friday Sept. 28th - Save the Date

Confederation Centre
4585 Albert Street, Burnaby BC

Swimmers/ Polo Players/ Divers are free

Tickets $20.00 per adult, $15.00 for non-club siblings and kids 3 and under are free.

Please sign-up for this event herehttps://goo.gl/forms/CVzh13cffzf6wxwu2

Payment can be made to the following pool reps or at the day. It is preferred for members to pay in advance - cash or cheque only.

Macpherson - Fiona Wang or Zahra Nejad

Kensington & Central - Lorie Siu

Start &Turn Clinic Saturday July 28th at CG Brown Pool from 7am - 10am

  • This is an opportunity for swimmers to practice their race starts before regionals on proper blocks.
  • Junior Preps 7am until 730am
  • Juniors 7:30 - 8:20am
  • Intermediates 8:20am - 9:10am
  • Seniors 9:10 - 10am
  • Please confirm attendance with your own coach