Volunteer Duties for Swim Regionals @ Central Park Aug. 3,4 & 5th

Thanks to all who have responded to our call for volunteers. There are some shifts remaining. Please consider taking another shift if you are only signed up for a single shift. We need to fill all the spots. The swimmers appreciate your effort to make this big event happen.

Here are the remaining shifts that need to be filled for Regionals:

Deck Food:Sunday during finals: 1 person

Tear Down: Immediately following end of meet: 3 people

Timing:Saturday during finals: 1 person
Timing: Sunday 7:45 am - 10 am: 2 people
Timing:Sunday 10 am - 12 pm: 1 person
Timing:Sunday 12 pm - end of heats: 2 people
Timing:Sunday Finals: 1 person

A few extra people for take down on Sunday would be helpful.

Email Michelle to sign-up at quanmichelle@gmail.com

Parking at Swim Regionals - special parking instructions for Saturday!

Friday & Sunday parking:

There will be two supervised drop-off zones. The VIP drop-off zone will be at the service road at Boundary and 45th Ave. This drop-off zone is only for vendors, club canopy drop-off and deck food delivery. Meet Organizers, Club Presidents, Senior Officials and Deck Food coordinators may use this entry point to park in the stadium parking lot so we can leave space in the general pool parking. The stadium lot has space for 25 vehicles. The City will not enforce the 3-hour time limit and we have permission to use the designated handicap spots for this weekend's swim meet event.

The second drop-off zone will be for the majority of participants. This zone will be at the main Central Park Pool parking lot which can be accessed directly from Boundary. Both entry gates to this lot will be open.

Street parking on the Vancouver side of Boundary is also available, although some streets may have resident only restrictions. Please pay close attention to the parking signs.

No parking on any grass area will be permitted for Friday and Sunday.


There is a stadium event on Saturday August 4th and the Central Park pool parking lot will not be available for swim meet parking.Meet Organizers, Club Presidents, & Deck Food coordinators will have 10 designated spots in the pool parking lot for Saturday.

The Drop-off circles at 45th & Boundary will still be in effect on Saturday. Swim meet parking is available on the grass lot located on Boundary between 49th and 47th Avenues. This lot is accessed by travelling northbound on Boundary and turning right on the service road right before 47th Ave - you cannot enter the lot heading south on Boundary - no left hand turns into the grass lot.

Due to dry conditions and hot weather that could result in fire hazards, please be advised that no charcoal barbeques are permitted at Burnaby parks and beaches, and there is no smoking in Burnaby parks, trails and green spaces until further notice.
Email Angela if you have questions about parkingabattistn@icloud.com

Warm-up pool at Swim Regionals

City of Burnaby has asked clubs to remind swimmers and coaches that the warm-up pool is to be used solely for warm-ups and cool-downs. Swimmers should not be hanging out in the pool and playing there. Volunteer coaches from all the clubs will help monitor the warm-down pool so kindly listen to the volunteer coaches if you are reminded to use the pool only for the warm-ups/food downs.

Warm-up lanes information will be announced soon and posted once it is available.

Water Polo and Diving Regionals - tonight and tomorrow

Water Polo Regionals are tonight in Coquitlam - best of luck to our Cudas Competitors - Go Cudas Go!

Dive regionals tomorrow also in Coquitlam - best of luck to our divers!!