Barracudas Fall/Winter program takes place at Bonsor pool from September to April.

Fall/ Winter training provides stroke correction to keep swimmers conditioned in the off-season and continue developing muscle memory for correct stroke technique. There is no competition during the maintenance season. ​

Barracudas Fall/Winter program is limited to two (2) hours per week ensuring our swimmers are abiding by the BCSSA policy to maintain their eligibility as summer swimmers. Swimmers who train more than 2 hours per week with a coach will become “O” category swimmers the following summer. ​

Sessions are held Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays for one hour each. Swimmers are grouped by age and ability and can train up to two hours weekly. ​

If you are done with swimming lessons and want more for your child, or if you want to condition your child for summer swimming, our Fall/Winter program offers a balance of swim training and general fitness. We also have many families who only join Barracudas as a cross-condition program for their multi-sport child. Swimming is an excellent sport to help cross-train children who want to supplement their fall/winter sports such as hockey, soccer and baseball. ​ ​


Fall Session (Sep to Dec) – OPENS by Sept 1st

Winter Session (Jan to Apr) – OPENS by late January